Updates and messages

Minor updates to the User Interface (27 Jan 2019)

The User Interface is being continually developed and improved based on feedback from UKCP users since the launch on 26 November 2018. On 27 January 2019, a number of minor changes were rolled out on the UKCP User Interface. These are documented on the version history page.

Launch of the updated UK Climate Projections User Interface

On 26 November 2018, the UK Climate Projections User Interface went live. Browse this website or head to the UKCP18 website to find out more about the UKCP18 project.

The UK Climate Projections User Interface (UKCP UI) will be further developed as we add functionality, datasets and improve the usability of the interface based on user feedback. Visit this page regularly for information on the plans for improving the UI. Current plans in the short term are to:

  • Include regional averages for probabilistic projections
  • Include plume plots for projections over land
  • Allow direct download of the data through the user interface (rather than just maps and graphs products)
  • Include files used as input into the climate models, i.e. land elevation, land area mask
  • Include derived projections on Ordnance Survey's National Grid (currently only available through CEDA Data Catalogue)

The updated observations dataset for use alongside the UKCP18 climate model projections will be available on Wednesday 5 December 2018. In the meantime, you can find further information via: