Before you start

What is the UKCP User Interface?

The UKCP User Interface is a tool developed for the latest update to the UK Climate Projections, launched in 2018. The User Interface (UI) enables access to a range of "products" including:

  • Maps and graphs which you can tailor to your location and climate variable of interest
  • UKCP data (for bulk downloads see the CEDA catalogue) in comma-separated-values (CSV) format for use in software like MS EXCEL and CF-netCDF (nc) format for those more familiar with handling large datasets.
  • Subsets of UKCP data, i.e. you can choose different parts of the datasets to download.

Find out more about the UK Climate Projections on the UKCP web pages.

What do you want to do?

If you’re

  • looking for information about the UK Climate Projections, the underpinning science and guidance please go to the UKCP web pages
  • intending to just download the raw data, all the UKCP data is stored on the CEDA data archive and is freely available. View the CEDA Catalogue to find out what is available and click the 'GET DATA' button to browse and download the raw data. Note that you need to be familiar with handling large datasets
  • building an app. The UKCP Web Processing Service (WPS) can be accessed by two interfaces:
    • The UKCP UI which provides an interface enabling easy selection of products for those less familiar with computer programming
    • The Application Programming Interface (API) which allows remote applications to talk directly to the UKCP service in order to submit requests for products. Read more about the WPS API and how you can use it

Before you start

Before you start using the products, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the material on the UKCP18 web pages at You will find descriptions of the project, its scientific components, key results as well as guidance on appropriate uses of the data.

You need an account - Use of the service is free but we would like to know who is using the UI, what they are using it for and how they are using it. This helps us understand how the users are benefiting from the projections and how to improve the the UI. Sign-up now.

Then…Sign in, go to products page and…

  1. select product
  2. select inputs
  3. generating product
  4. product
Select your product by submitting a request
Select the required inputs
Wait for the product to be generated
Peruse the product

Other features

There are other useful features you might want to use:

  • View your previous jobs and access the outputs.
  • Cancel a running job.
  • Submit your job via a script rather than through this User Interface.