Release schedule

In the longer term we plan to have a scheduled down time on the morning of the first Tuesday of the month. However for the next few months there may be down time every other Tuesday. These will enable us to improve the functionality of the UI and provide new/updated datasets.

0900-1100 is the "at-risk" period on the day of a release.

This is the intended release plan. It may be subject to change.

  • Upcoming releases
    • Tuesday 1st October 2019
    • Tuesday 5th November 2019

  • Previous releases
    • V1.1.0 Monday 16th September 2019
    • V1.0.8 Tuesday 2th July 2019
    • V1.0.7 Tuesday 4th June 2019
    • V1.0.6 Tuesday 7th May 2019
    • V1.0.5 Sunday 7th April 2019
    • V1.0.4 Wednesday 3rd April 2019
    • V1.0.3 Tuesday 12th March 2019
    • V1.0.2 Tuesday 12th February 2019
    • V1.0.1 Tuesday 29th January 2019
    • V1.0.0 Monday 26th November 2018